From the Keyboard


“Come on, babe. Dance with me.” Tak called with a grin as he turned up the radio’s volume. Studying could only go on so long before the blonde boy needed a break and what better way to relax than move to the groove of a song on the stereo? 

“You’re just trying to get out of studying.” Daniel murmured with an amused smile as he watched the blonde boy move his hips to the beat of the song, the elated grin of happiness spread quickly across Tak’s lips, and the sparks of joy that danced in his blue eyes.

“Danny, Dan, Daniel, babe, love of my life. Dance with me.” Tak called out once more, Daniel having no choice then but to laugh and look away from his boyfriend, less he fall into the blonde’s trap of forgetting their study date completely in lieu of a regular one. 

“You’re mental.”

“And you love me for it.”


“Uhh, well—” Daniel paused, the grin that had claimed his boyfriend’s face seeming contagious as he felt his own lips curl in response. “Okay, why not. Let’s go to Japan for Spring Break.”

“Aw yes, you’re the best!” Tak all but squealed as he threw his arms about the taller boy’s neck and planted a few dozen kisses along his cheek and jaw line. “We’re gunna have so much fun— I’ve gotta go book the tickets and see if Mom can—”

Daniel only chuckled, a content smile claiming his features at the other boy chattered on and on about all there was to do before they left. It was only when Tak actually stopped talking to return the soft, happy smile did Daniel blink and give the other boy a questioning look.

“You really are the best,” Tak murmured, closing the distance between them with a tender kiss that left the Daniel wanting far more than the chaste teasing of his lips. “And, I love you.”


Tak knows he should be practicing for the performance later that night. The sheet music is sitting on the stand, his violin resting on it’s own stand and, he’s captured by the sight of his boyfriend adjusting his tie in the mirror. The older boy dressed in a suit for the concert hours…


“Well it looks like we’ve both got the night off.”

“Looks that way.”



“You gunna eye fuck me all day or we gunna take this up stairs?”

“Hahaha! I love you so much.”

Cliff Notes

“Do you remember the time when Tak—” Raf starts and he doesn´t even have to finish the sentence for the rest of the table to burst into uncontrolled giggles.

“Oh Zeus,” Evan gasps, laughing so hard he has grip the side of his chair to not fall off it.

Tak´s cheeks turn slightly pink, but he laughs, too, more with amusement over the memory than embarrassment. Even Benji and Ron join the laughter. It´s only Daniels who are lost in the conversation, sitting there quietly with slightly confused expressions.

Well, at least until Ron leans over to them with a sympathetic smile. “Do you want cliff-notes on that?”