From the Keyboard


Skype Session, December 2019, London to New York.

“How’d it go last night?”

“Awesome! Daniel Radcliffe was at our premiere!”

“Did you scare him away?”

“No! Well… I might have been a bit overenthusiastic.”

“I’m sure he was flattered, babe. So you’re having a good time in London?”

“Always do, I’ve missed being here. But I miss you more.”

“I miss you too hon.”

Cliff Notes

“Do you remember the time when Tak—” Raf starts and he doesn´t even have to finish the sentence for the rest of the table to burst into uncontrolled giggles.

“Oh Zeus,” Evan gasps, laughing so hard he has grip the side of his chair to not fall off it.

Tak´s cheeks turn slightly pink, but he laughs, too, more with amusement over the memory than embarrassment. Even Benji and Ron join the laughter. It´s only Daniels who are lost in the conversation, sitting there quietly with slightly confused expressions.

Well, at least until Ron leans over to them with a sympathetic smile. “Do you want cliff-notes on that?”