From the Keyboard

Guys, guys, help please? <3

What should I be working on right now? I have apparently lost the ability to make decisions/motivate myself.

  • My NaNoWriMo story even though it´s failing to excite me.
  • A fem!Dalton story I´ve come up with last night before falling asleep - basically, it´s a snow day and there´s no electricity and it´s dark and Eva´s like “I don´t like it but let´s pretend I´m not afraid… Tell me a story?” And Veronica starts telling a twist on fairy tale, casting them and their friends in roles in it and halfway through realizes she´s cast herself as Eva´s character´s (Eva´s the main character because duh, the story´s being told for her) love interest. Cue awkwardness followed by fluff.
  • This WiP that I´ve promised myself to finish one day.
  • Something completely different.
  • "Stop thinking about writing and go to bed."

I really really want to write something non-fanfiction. 

But all the ideas I have always end up being fanfiction.

It´s frustrating.

I have so many WiPs that I have no idea which one to work on now.

Do I write the next chapter of At the Crossroads?

The next chapter of the fem!Dalton fantasy AU that desperately needs a name?

Next drabble in the Exodus verse?

Hogwarts drabble?

One of the drabbles requested forever ago?

Something completely different?

Stick to the main plot. Beginners often get caught up in subplots they find interesting, but don’t serve to propel the characters forward in any real way. Your story isn’t a well-cast ensemble sitcom. Focus diligently on one main plotline, and if you do decide to add subplot elements to your story, make sure they relate to the main story and help propel your character to his or her inevitable end.

And other basic but always relevant advice. 

Writing Advice: Rewriter, Motherfucker


Rewrite, Motherfucker
My first draft is always a surrealistic mess. I punched a hole in my head and let everything pour out. Then, before I learned how to rewrite, I said “Done!” and set the book aside to rot on a hard drive somewhere. I’ve written 9 novels but it took me 8 to learn that I had to rework the slog of a first draft into something readable. I know, I know. Rewriting is rarely an enjoyable process. Where once you were a free-reining writing mad-person you now have to shackle yourself to the desk and become your own slave.

Some rewriting tips to make the process slightly more bearable:

  • Write a second draft outline, even if you abhor outlines. This will often help you find missing pieces of the story.
  • Get a second opinion. Other people can point out flaws in your story that you can often miss.
  • Read the story out loud. This will help you catch unnecessary parts or awkward parts. If you cringe when you’re reading a part aloud, it should probably be rewritten or cut entirely.
  • Take a copious amount of psychedelics and brainstorm
  • Cry into your sleeves because your book will never amount to anything. Repeat twice a day.
  • Whiskey.
  • Go to bed when you’re tired. There’s nothing worse than staring down the abyss of your story.
  • Take a bath or shower. Don’t bring a book with you. Just sit there and stare at the water. Between waves of self-hatred you’ll most likely come up with solutions to your editing woes. The reason we often come up with ideas in the shower or when we’re about to fall asleep is because those are the few times in the day we’re not inundated by noise. So enjoy the silence.

Words are not precious, but no word ever written is a waste. Everything that is written down is a step toward writing the words that you keep. Even if you have to go through seven drafts to get there.